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AGS Data Systems

The industry leading no-code data management platform

Specializing in DOL grant management templates for WIPS compliant data collection and reporting

AGS Prime Templates

Our AGS Prime templates are ready for rollout in your organization to manage grant-specific data. Each template is carefully constructed to be WIPS compliant, contains organization-level security controls, and is continually monitored for updates. Each template subscription includes access to monthly, grant-specific, user group webinars. 

Join our successful customer user group already using the AGS Prime Scaling Apprenticeship template for efficient data management and compliant WIPS reporting.

The AGS Prime template built specifically for Closing the Skills Gap grant management. Join a successful customer user group in compliant data management and reporting. 

A newly developed template for the DOL Strengthening Community Colleges Grant. Built using the AGS Prime platform and ready for immediate deployment.

For customers looking to manage the new One Workforce grant, our AGS Prime template is the first step towards easy participant tracking, employer management, and WIPS compliant uploads. 

AGS Prime Enterprise

Looking for more than a template?


AGS Prime Enterprise, our no-code platform as a service (PaaS) offers unlimited application building and customization to fit the unique needs of your organization. AGS Prime Enterprise is used by our software developers to build grant-specific templates and is now available, allowing organizations to build their own applications. Start from scratch to build applications of varying complexity using Reports, Queries, Forms, Pages, Modules, and Dashboards. As a customer, attend the AGS Prime user group to learn about product updates and receive additional tips and tricks.  ​

A Nationwide Customer Base


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