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March 26th

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March 26th

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April 13th

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January 25th

Scaling Apprenticeship Page

July 7 Version

  • proof of concept for clickable arrows to control graphic

  • fixed support graphic

  • removed tooltips and fixed alt text

July 6 Version

  • Added correct logos to carousel

  • Added alt text to images

  • Minor spacing edits


July 1 Version

  • Added slides to carousel

  • Fixed hover issue with graphics

  • Minor edits

June 30 Version

  • Border around graphics

  • Edits on carousel

  • Standardized margins on graphics and carousel

June 29 Version

  • Increased body font size by 2 pts

  • Bolded all bullet points

  • Changed header

  • Changed font to Segoe UI

  • Fixed centering issues


June 26 Version 1

  • Changed font sizes

  • Added line between info text and header

  • Rearranged the testimonial slideshow

  • Decreased spacing throughout page

June 26 Version 2

  • Staggered sections

  • Slideshow/GIF for compliance visual

  • Large graphic header (video)


June 25 Version 

  • Added "see more" text directly under bullet points

  • Slightly different header

June 24 Version 

  • Bullet lists with no "see more"

  • One graphic per section

  • Text is smaller throughout the page

June 12 Version 

  • Large cards for each bullet

  • One graphic per bullet

Combined Request a Live Demo/Contact Page

July 6 Version

  • Changed estimated time

  • Fixed bolding

July 1 Version

  • Used version June 30 V1

  • Centered content

  • Removed downloadable resource section

June 30 V1

  • Removed form

  • Moved content to one section

  • Option for a downloadable resources section to accompany the demo section

June 30 V2

  • Different header image with slight overlay on right column to accommodate text


June 29 version

  • Combined pages and reorganized content


Request a Demo Page

Published Version

June 26 Version

  • Tightened up the space

  • Smaller field labels and input text

  • Text changes to "Hosted By" section

June 24 Version 

  • Fields are rounded

  • Got rid of all unnecessary italicized text

  • Fields have more padding

  • "Hosted By" now has its own box and minor style changes were made

Contact Page

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