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Our video library is the hub for all general educational material including demo videos and informational webinars. Explore videos on this page or visit our YouTube page.

Featured Video

Peer-to-Peer Panel: Building No-Code Grant Management Applications with AGS Prime

See how community colleges are managing their DOL grants by building or using the newest no-code software building platform, AGS Prime. (01:22:00)

Using AGS Prime Closing the Skills Gap

A basic introduction to the AGS Prime™ Scaling Apprenticeship template for grant management and compliant reporting. (34:43)

AGS Prime Scaling Apprenticeship Intro & Demo 

Learn about our Prime Scaling Apprenticeship pre-built, compliant template. (35:16)

Self Registration: Increasing Participant Enrollment Remotely

Exploring the newest AGS Prime feature designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. (36:26)

Explore AGS Prime Scaling Apprenticeship and Closing the Skills Gap Templates

In this short webinar, get a glimpse of the pre-built, grant-specific templates AGS Prime has to offer. (27:31)

The Future of Work: Technology and the Workforce

Examining the impact of AI and automation on the workforce and future curriculum development. A special NCWE affiliated webinar for the NCWE Virtual Conference. (01:40:20)

Using AGS Prime CAREER Dislocated Worker Grant
Gain a high-level introduction to the pre-built application for tracking and reporting data for the CAREER Dislocated Worker Grant. (36:03)

AGS Prime Pre-Built Template for Apprenticeship Building America
In this short webinar, explore how AGS Prime will aid your data management needs. (36:32)

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