Create your own applications with no coding needed. Collect data with unlimited data sets, validations, applications, and sandboxes. 

Analyze your data with graphical dashboards using hundreds of built-in widgets. Achieve project success with AGS Prime.  

Endless Possibilities

Why Prime?

Create unlimited, no code, web-based applications for data collection, validation, management, and analysis with one platform. Designed for organizations big and small with an ongoing need to create simple to sophisticated applications for their business processes. 

Create unlimited applications and reports

No Code application builder

Application Security Controls

Create unlimited saved queries

Flat Rate Pricing Model

Free system updates

Create diverse applications using the four main building blocks


Build Data Sets

Create and manage data sets for any type of data you want to track. Control important elements like ID, required field, and the data element type.


Organize workflow with modules that combine all the elements you need in one page including forms, views, dashboards, and pages. 

Create Views

Easily find what you need by creating views. Choose a data set and control pagination, labels, and names. Views are saved and easily accessed using the side menu.

Generate Reports & Queries

Simplify the report creation process by creating detailed, specific reports and queries for your organization. No limits on parameters.

See How

Clicks, not Code:

Creating an application with AGS Prime


Create an application, data sets, forms, views and a module to put it all together. Video explains how to perform the task but fades in/out to reveal built out application features. Estimated time at the end. 

Need help? We've got your back.


Training for system administration and train-the-trainer

We'll set you up for success with live, web-based training with your System Administrator and End User Trainer to ensure proficiency in operating the software and build confidence before teaching it to employees. 


Unmetered, personal, on-going System Administrator technical support

We are always willing to help with any administrative technical support issues throughout and after your grant timeline. Give us a call or visit our contact page for more information. 

Join a nationwide network of users

Gain access to a user group network around the United States. Learn from other users, ask questions, or share you innovative solution to a problem to promote community learning. 

Pre-built Prime Applications for popular use cases