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NCWE Academy 2020

The Future of Work Session Resources

Session presented by Derrick Edwards, President and Chief Technology Officer, AGS Data Systems / G*STARS

Thank you for attending this presentation!

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Below are resources you can use to analyze which industries and jobs are at risk to make strategic adjustments in your curriculum. Click the images to view the material.


The highly-cited paper by Frey and Osborne
​The end of the document contains probabilities of computerization for various occupations.

Excel spreadsheet containing the ranks, probabilities and occupations from Frey and Osborne's study for further data analysis. Click the thumbnail to download the file.

McKinsey & Company article with infographics analyzing predictability of physical work and technical feasibility of automating various industry sectors.

McKinsey Global Institute graphs showing automation potential by sector.

McKinsey Global Institute graph showing automation potential and wages for US jobs.

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