AGS specializes in performance tracking and analytics for the employment and training, education, and social services industries, with a focus on the following types of organizations:

Workforce Agencies

Many award-winning workforce agencies use AGS software to track and analyze job seeker activities, business services, and training and support costs. The self-service feature for automated tracking is also very popular at WIBs and One Stops.

Social Service Agencies

Social services agencies use AGS software to understand who they are serving, which services are the most in-demand, how many participants have successfully completed different programs, and what results participants have achieved.

Community Colleges

Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Workforce Development, Career Services, Grants, and Special Programs departments use AGS software to track and assess students' credential, training, and employment achievements.

Health Care Agencies

A recently expanded industry, AGS software is being used to track and manage patient information, services received, and outcomes to meet compliance for SUD-MH grants regarding HIPPA and reporting guidelines.

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