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Create unlimited, no-code, web-based applications for data collection, validation, management, and analysis with one platform. Designed for organizations big and small with an ongoing need to create simple to sophisticated applications for their business processes. 


Endless Possibilities

The AGS Prime platform provides a space to create intuitive data management systems and utilize analytic features with no need for coding. 

No-Code Application Builder

Integrate with other systems such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau, etc.

Free Technical Support

Flat Enterprise Pricing, no "per user"

Security Model supports FERPA, HIPPA, GDPR, and CCPA compliance

Powerful Query Builder

Create Unlimited Applications

Free Commercial Product Upgrades

No-Code Application Builder

Create diverse applications from a collection of building blocks

Generate Reports & Queries

1. Start a New Application

It all starts with an idea. Pick a name for your new application and the platform will deploy an empty application ready to be configured. Set up security fields and start the backups. You're on the way to your first application!

2. Build Data Sets

Use no-code, fill in the blank forms to describe your data and the system will build data sets to store your records.

4. Arrange Views

Drag and drop data elements and select settings to create views/lists of the records that are stored in your data sets.

3. Layout Forms

Drag-and-drop fields into a form and style data elements to create record collecting forms. Create no-code business rules for data validation and workflow management. 

5. Create Modules

Organize your workflow with modules that combine all the elements you need for a business process in one area.

Generate Reports & Queries

6. Start Using your new Application

With just the steps above, your application is complete. However, there are additional features you may add to your application including Queries, Pages, Folders, Reports, and more. 

See How

Clicks, not Code: 

Building an Application with AGS Prime

Ready to take the next step?

Need help? We've got your back.

Comprehensive Support

Training for system administration and train-the-trainer

We'll set you up for success with live, web-based training with your System Administrator and End User Trainer to ensure proficiency in operating the software and build confidence before teaching it to employees. 


Unmetered, personal, on-going System Administrator technical support

We are always willing to help with any administrative technical support issues throughout and after your grant timeline. Give us a call or visit our contact page for more information. 

Join a nationwide network of users

Gain access to a user group network around the United States. Learn from other users, ask questions, or share your innovative solution to a problem to promote community learning. 

For Data Management and Grant Compliance

Pre-built Applications

AGS Prime Grant Templates - delivering streamlined compliance and business intelligence to the education, employment and training industry, automating processes for people who comply with regulations, enforce regulations and use regulatory data. Click below for more information regarding these templates.

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